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WASABI's Japanese-Style Interiors

Japanese Beauty and Comfortability for Everyone

Our concept is to offer "Refined","High Quality" and "Real" Japanese woodwork made in Japan with accumulated traditional delicate Tatagu-makikng skills and technique, just like "Shoji", "Shoji Screen" and so on. We believe the authentic Japanese products made by craftsmen(called Sashimono-shi) create unique and brand-new value in your living space and offer fabulous experience you have never had.

The Japanese, Lived with Woods

The Japanese have been living with woods for thousands of years and the history is quite long. Wood boards were found in Toro ruins that is Yayoi period(BC 3rd century) and they even did not have saws in the era.
1,400-year old Horyuji,registered as world heritage of the oldest wooden building in the world in 1993, still exists as it was, which is amazing. When you look up roofs of five-storied pagoda standing under there at the corner, they still go straight up to the sky just like accurate straight line.
Because each wood has different characteristics and qualities, it must be very hard to control whole building by woods.
Our ancestors must have been trying and racked their brains as possible as they could to utilize effectively for the lives given from mother nature.

Our life-style has now dramatically changed but we still have feeling to be relieved and relaxed by natural woods, blessings of nature. We would like everybody to enjoy the feeling with our products and they will be able to create unique western-modern Japanese fusion atmosphere in your rooms.

We "WASABI" is always trying to employ not only Japanese precious woods but materials that have wonderful traditional skills and culture in developing our products to make our customers happy. If our products give a new happiness to our customers throughout the world it is our big pleasure.

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1. High Quality -- Made by skilled Craftsman

Products are created by real skilled craftsman's hands

We have "Culture of Woods" that has been accumulated by utilizing woods for thousands of years. Only real craftsman has eyes to find out the characteristics of each wood material imaging how the tree grew up in a mountain and allocate parts as "right material in the right part".
When the material meets the unique delicate skills of craftsman, our product is born again as "WASABI" quality.

We visit factories for materials used except woods to check the quality and meet craftsmen.We are careful in selecting materials. We touch the materials by ourselves, talk to craftsmen and feel them directly, then decide to employ the materials for our products. We believe it is very important as one of our work to satisfy our customers.

2. Made in Japan

"WASABI" is all made in Japan. We are particular about products made by craftsman in Japan.

There are 3 kind of woods well known as "3 Japanese precious woods" called "Aomori Hiba","Kiso Hinoki" and "Akita Sugi" that we use as our materials.
Because they also have been used for temples, shrines and traditional reception rooms as the best materials, we can see how the mat rials are superior to any other.

We would like customers to enjoy our products for a long time, "WASABI" products are made with such a heart and spirit. Our finishing is basically non-coating because we would like you to enjoy original refreshing smell, warm touch, beautiful grain of natural wood with your five sense. You even enjoy changes of textures over the years, which is one of good old Japanese sense.

(※material and coating will vary if customer requires)

3. For Customers

We would like "WASABI" products to be with you for a long time. Products have to match living space and of course functional for your daily life.
Our product design is based on traditional Japanese style and taste. It is suitable for people who would like to enjoy real Japanese room but it goes well with your modern living area as well, and it even creates it's unique Japanese-modern atmosphere in your office space.
We think more about customers and you will like "WASABI" products. Everything is for customers.

and environmentally-friendly...

Using things for a long time leads to concerning the natural environment. Since woods are called carbon-neutral material,it is eco-friendly material. We can say wood is an ultimate eco-material and a gift from our mother nature.

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Traditional Skills

Craftsman's heart and soul are put into "WASABI" product. The skills and heart have been accumulated fro a long time.

In the Momoyama and Edo period the "Shoin-Zukuri" style established, it is no exaggeration to say that all interior decoration was undertaken by fittings just like "Shoji", "Fusuma" and "Ranma".
Especially every time we see really delicate skills called "Kumiko", we cannot help feeling their delicate sense and strong enthusiasm for creating beauty. "Kumiko" is a technique to assemble thin and tiny pieces of woods without nails and create accurate and beautiful geometric patterns. Concentration and accuracy are required to make it and the skills have been taken over from generation to generation for a long time.

Making "Kumiko" is really delicate work. Since even 0.1mm measurement difference is going to be a problem, well experienced skills are required. The thinner wood becomes, the easier to warp, that is why craftsman has to have good eyes to select right quality of woods.