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Material and Japanese Traditional Skills

We introduce materials and traditional skills that are employed for our products or related "WASABI" products.You will learn more about them and it must be exciting experience.



We introduce "Woods", our important main material. You will learn not only about Japanese top3 precious woods "Aomori Hiba", "Akita Sugi" and "Kiso Hinoki" but other various kinds. We explain the charasteristics, histoy, how to enjoy and so on.
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about chijimi

"Ojiya Chijimi", A tradisional Craft of Echigo.

A small town "Ojiya" in Niigata, the area of heavy snowfall, has history as a textile producing district for more than thousand years. The history of clothes produced by unique manufacuturing method started from "Echigo-fu" and completed with an improvement of dyeing skills taking a very long time. The unique txture and quality come from hemp cloth make everyone's heart warm.
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"Oguni Washi", An Intangible Cultural Asset

"Oguni", one of the best area of heavy snow developed their unique "Washi" paper. But for the snow, it was not achieved. Their original method "Yukisarash", snow bleaching, have the paper whiter and stronger,which known as "Oguni Washi". This paper made by traditional way has been getting a good raputasion around the world ahd employed for label of Niigata's famous high-quality Sake and paper tage of Kimono piece-goods.
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"Kumiko", Delicate Decolation by Craftsman

"Kumiko" is a technique to assemnble thin and tiny pieces of woods without nails and drow accurate and beautiful geometric patterns. Concentration and accuracy are hightly required to make it and the skills have been taken over from generation to generation for a long time. You cannot help feeling the antient enthusiams of craftsmanship.
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